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Non-Agency:  18% of mortgages are funded here ... fastest growing segment of the mortgage marketplace


You know you're qualified

but can't locate a Lender who 

understands your financial strength ..........

in 1-2-3 years you WILL be qualified for a Portfolio Mortgage, Agency or Jumbo


50% max debt-to-income ratio

Flexibility to use multiple income options including:

  • bank statement qualifying

  • asset qualifying

  • investment property cash flow

Credit History

Very flexible guidelines

i.e. 1 day out of bankruptcy

As credit improves, pricing improves

620 FICO = minimum

760 FICO = best pricing

Loan Types

Fixed Rate 30 years

5-7 year Fixed + 23-25 year ARM

90% Loan-to-Value


Common sense underwriting

Competitive common sense pricing

Exceptions to Guidelines allowed

Individuals, Family Trust, LLC vesting

GOAL:  transition to PORTFOLIO

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